Israel Action Subcommittee

Hillcrest Jewish Center has always been a strong and loyal supporter of Israel. The Israel Committee has, over the years, organized many wonderful programs and activities for our congregation and community.

The Israel Action Subcommittee of the Israel Committee was formed in 2010 in response to the growing delegitimization of Israel in our country and throughout the world. At a time when the enemies and defamers of Israel appear to speak in the loudest voices and to receive the most attention, our goal is to take back the initiative through action.

The group’s five main areas of focus are: political action, media, campus, high school students, and information/education. Our most important challenge is to take on the disinformation campaign and the Israel bashing that have become so prevalent in our society.

We welcome your participation in and your ideas for programs and actions in support of Israel. We also want to hear what’s happening - and what isn’t happening - in relation to Israel in the community, at your university, and at school. Let’s take the initiative and make the case for Israel as an ongoing miracle, a country that - with all its warts - is a primary source of our pride and our strength. Through our actions, we can keep our community - and especially our youth - proud of Israel and of ourselves as Jews.