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J-High-TEQ is an innovative community initiative aimed at furthering the Jewish education of motivated high school students. The program, which brings together 9th - 12th graders, their parents, clergy and local synagogues in an unusual partnership, aims to create a rich educational environment for all local Jewish teens that:

  • Excites them to continue their Jewish education throughout high school and beyond.
  • Develops a strong, positive Jewish identity and set of values within the framework of a united Jewish people.
  • Strengthens their Jewish commitment and encourages them to perpetuate their Jewish heritage.
  • Fosters identification and appreciation of the State of Israel and its importance to the Jewish people.
  • Supports affiliation with synagogues and youth groups.

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About Us

J-High-TEQ combines the resources of local congregations, rabbis and students in a dynamic partnership. Students with strong Judaic backgrounds as well those who are exploring Jewish education for the first time will find that we’ve laid the groundwork for an engaging and exciting program of Jewish education. We understand how busy our teens are, so the NO homework/no grades policy has been well received. J-High-TEQ is a self sustaining, volunteer membership organization comprised of Jewish 9th - 12th graders. Students attend approximately 15 J-sessions each year, usually on Sunday afternoons where they get the opportunity to study Jewish texts, participate in community programs, interact with Jewish heroes and with other like minded teens.

  • Costs: Dues- $360 minimum donation
  • When: Classes are on Sunday afternoons from 4:30 - 7:00pm. A light dinner will be served and snacks are always plentiful.
  • Location: Classes are held currently at Hillcrest Jewish Center and at ICCJ in Queens. Special events and trips are at various locations throughout New York City.
  • Contact: Our program is a team effort comprised of parents and local clergy. A key to our success so far has been our volunteer team (J-Team) comprised of J-Rabbis and an array of interested, involved adults who oversee the program.

Special Features:  Students that attend J-High...

  • Are invited to request a letter of recommendation for colleges or other programs, informing that this student has volunteered to participate in this extra-educational learning program.
  • Are eligible for community service hours
  • Are gifted a sword from the Rabbi Evan C. Radler memorial sword collection upon completion of grade 12 in J-High.

Facilitator: Mindy Radler Glickman (917) 698-7952

The J-Team

Rabbi Sharon Ballan
Denise Ben Haim
Mayet Brandwein
Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
Cantor Moti Fuchs
Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman
Rabbi Gary Greene
Debra Grodenchik
Arianna Halpern
Naomi Horowitz
Rabbi Manes Kogan
Irit Langer
Janet Lenchner
Rabbi Jonathan Pearl
Mark Solkoff
Rabbi Albert Thaler
Ellen Wasserman
Rabbi David Wise
Rabbi Gordon Yaffe