Sisterhood of the Hillcrest Jewish Center

Dedicated to the memory of Libby Mowshowitz, z'l, Rebbitzen Emerita

"... to serve the cause of Judaism, by strengthening the bond of unity among Jewish women; by learning to appreciate everything fine in literature and to instill the beauty of our ancient observances in the hearts of all our members and their families." --Mathilde Schechter, Founder, National Women's League

A Message from President Joy Leffler:

Sisterhood of Hillcrest Jewish Center would like to extend to you a hearty welcome.  Did you know that your membership in Sisterhood is free for the first year?  After that, the dues are $25 annually.


No doubt, as a woman and a Jew, you have faced many challenges and feel strongly about the directions you have taken in life.  We offer wonderful opportunities to meet other women in similar circumstances who have stories to share with you.  Who knows?  This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  



Sisterhood Hi-Lites

Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 10:30 AM:
 Libby Mowshowitz (z"l) Breakfast and Lecture.  
Speaker:  Professor Amy Kalmanofsky of JTS will discuss her most recent book,

  "Dangerous Sisters of the Hebrew Bible." 
 RSVP by June 22

 All welcome to


Joy Leffler, President

Sisterhood Linus Project

The Linus Project group meets once a month on Thursdays at 10:30 A.M. in the Conference Room. The next three dates are April 8, May 13 and June 10. This letter was received from the Ronald McDonald House of NY, Inc.:

Thank you for your generous and thoughtful donation of 40 Blankets to the Ronald McDonald House of New York. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Since 1979, we have served more than 8,500 families while their children are being treated for cancer. Help and support from groups or individuals like you allow us to provide for all of the families who come through our door.

Every day, children form friendships with other children and through these bonds, regain a sense of control and experience the fun of childhood.

William T. Sullivan

Sisterhood Gift Shop

The High Holidays are behind us, and we now look forward to Chanukah. In addition to our delicious cookbooks, beautiful jewelry, candles, menorahs, gift cards and children’s gifts, we now have lovely new mezuzot donated by our own Fryda and Joe Kessel. Thank you, Fryda and Joe, for your generosity. Come see these and all our other wonderful items. Make the Sisterhood Gift Shop the first place you go to for all your holiday and gift shopping. For more information, contact Barbara Resnick or inquire in the Center office.