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Torah - Learning Opportunities 


Studying Torah is one of the pillars of Judaism and one of our pillars as a synagogue.

Open Beit Midrash


Mon., Wed., Thurs. Evenings from 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM 
Join us as we study in a “Beit Midrash” (house of study) every weekday evening before Minyan.

Mondays learn Mussar (Jewish Ethics) with Rabbi Kogan 

Wednesdays learn from the Bible with Michael Brofman

Thursdays learn  Halakha (Jewish Law) with Ira Lilien. 



7:30 AM to 8:30 AM 
Meditation is an exceptional way to literally “change your mind.” Whether you’re hoping to learn to love yourself and others more, are interested in improving your focus and  reducing distraction, or would like to handle stress better and find greater peace within yourself, meditation can help. 

STORIES WITH A TWIST (in it's 13th year)

with Rabbi Manes Kogan 
4 :00 PM (Oct 16th—May) 
Join Rabbi Kogan for one hour of exciting interactive study. In each session the participants will study a short rabbinic story from the Talmud or Midrash. 

WOMEN IN THE BIBLE with  Judith Rosenthal & Sandy Jackson 
Mon. 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM 
Join Judy and Sandy as they analyze the Biblical female personalities through rabbinic and contemporary lenses. 

10:00 AM – 11.30 AM (Oct. 18th—May) 
Sanhedrin is one of ten tractates of Seder Nezikin (a section of the Talmud that deals with damages, i.e. civil and criminal proceedings). We look forward to your participation! No previous Talmudic expertise is necessary. 



TORAH FOR TODAY & TOMORROW with Michael Brofman 
7:30PM - 8:30PM
We continue our exploration of the Book of Sh’mot (Exodus) with its stories of leaving Egypt and accepting Torah at Mount Sinai. Please join us as we explore the Torah's significance for modern Jews in today's world and discover meaningful lessons for use in our everyday lives. 



READING HEBREW with  Iris Schachter  
Thurs. 10:00 AM & Sun. 9:15 AM (Ongoing) 
Always wanted to learn to read Hebrew? Now is your chance! Hebrew reading course for those who can’t read at all or those who can read a little. 


TALMUD – TRACTATE BAVA KAMMA with Rabbi Manes Kogan  
7:30 AM – 8:45 AM  (Oct 20th—May) 
Bava Kamma, "The First Gate," is the first of a series of three Talmudic tractates in the order Nezikin ("Damages") that deal with civil matters such as damages and torts.



8:30 AM– 9:00 AM 
This Parsha of the Week Torah Study Group is designed to be an interactive, short (30 minutes), weekly study session for both  beginners and those experienced in Torah learning.


RESPONSA IN A MOMENT with Dr. Richard Meyer  
Between Mincha and Maariv
Join us each Shabbat before Mincha as we discuss rabbinic answers to questions connecting halachah and our daily lives, addressing complex issues involving life cycle events, Jewish ethics and how modernity, new discoveries in science, and political change have affected our understanding of  Jewish law. 

Other Classes 



7:30 PM Rosh Chodesh Eve (or around that date)

A Rosh Chodesh gathering for women of all ages to study and celebrate the new month. The theme of this years is "rebellious and pious women of the Talmud"

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