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Men's Club

The Men's Club is a social arm of Hillcrest. We have varied activities for the purpose of putting the "Jewish center" in Hillcrest Jewish Center. We not only provide activities for our male members, but also for their families. Our activities are for the purpose of allowing our members to meet and greet each other, make new friends and share activities.


Ongoing Activities Include:

  • BBQ

  • Live Performances- Theatre Trips and Concerts 

  • Casino Trip

  • Karaoke

  • Square Dancing

  • Military Bridge

  • World Wide Wrap

  • Basketball & Baseball Games

  • Boyz Nite Out!

  • Congregational Breakfast with Speaker

  • Fishing Trips

  • Men's Club Shabbat


We also support Hillcrest with donations and being available for its needs. Our membership includes officers and board members of Hillcrest.


Our Men's Club is inclusive of the local community and allows non-members of Hillcrest Jewish Center to join and share in the camaraderie of our organization.


The annual cost of membership in Men's Club is $45.00.


First-year male members of Hillcrest Jewish Center are automatically members of the Men's Club free for the first year.


For more info, please contact Marty Guttman, President, or leave a note in the Men's Club mailbox in the office.

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