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Youth & Family

The Youth and Family group offers young families a social setting to meet other young Jewish families from Hillcrest. We offer a fun and interesting variety of programs for Hillcrest members and non-members - some are kid friendly while others are just for adults. Most importantly, we encourage everyone to suggest their own innovative programs/events and we try and help them make it happen!

Just a sample of our programming:

  • Family Sing Along Night

  • Game Nights

  • Bowling

  • Pajama Havdalah

  • Pool Party

  • Beer Night

  • Friday Night Dinners

  • Sunday Breakfasts

  • Cooking

  • Family Concert

  • Co-sponsoring a variety of other Hillcrest events



We'd love to hear from you! 


Please leave a message at the Hillcrest office (718-380-4145) or email us at

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